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Note: All mentoring programs are screened by the Pueblo Mentoring Collaborative (PMC) Steering Committee prior to listing. The PMC makes no guarantee of the program scope of services, policies, or procedures. Directory listings should serve as a starting point for exploring mentoring program options, and the PMC strongly recommends you perform independent research to determine which mentoring program best suits your needs.

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Mentoring Program
Pueblo Police Explorer Program
Pueblo Police Department
Contact Name
Sergeant Nolan Welsh
200 S. Main St.
Pueblo, Colorado 81003
United States
Map It
(719) 553-2446
Program Information
Program Information
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Program Supervision:
Program Coordinator
Location of Mentoring
  • Site Based
Mentoring Type
  • Group (1 adult/ up to 4 youth)
Ages Served
  • 14-17 year olds
Hours of Commitment
  • 1-2 hrs/month
Program Focus
  • Career Preparation
Our program institutes a comprehensive mentor screening methodology grounded in the standards established by MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership that includes:
Our program provides training prior to mentoring
Please describe your program and explain why it is considered a mentoring program, as defined below in the TERMS section.
The Pueblo Police Explorer Program focuses on group activities and mentorship. The Explorers meet once a month and partake in police-related training and life skills development. The Explorers also participate in community events throughout the year to include community clean-up and outreach events. All mentors are Pueblo Police Officers assigned to the School Resource Officer Unit and are available to mentees during school hours and after-hours.

These programs do not accept solicitations. They are listed here for those looking for mentoring program information only. 

How to Choose a Quality Youth Mentoring Program

Our Program Directory is a great place to start when looking for a quality mentoring program. Here are some questions you can ask a program, based on a framework of six core standards of practice instituted by MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership:

STANDARD #1: Recruitment

  • Who are the mentors?
  • What are the eligibility requirements?

STANDARD #2: Screening

  • Does the program require mentor candidate background checks, including searching a national criminal records database, along with sex offender and child abuse registries and, when relevant, driving records?
  • Does the program conduct personal interviews with each mentor candidate?
  • Does the program check mentor candidate references?

STANDARD #3: Training

  • Do mentors receive training prior to being matched with a youth?

STANDARD #4: Matching

  • What factors are taken into consideration when matching mentors and mentees?

STANDARD #5: Monitoring and Support

  • Does the program contact mentors, mentees, and parents/guardians on a regular basis to monitor the relationship?

STANDARD #6: Closure

  • Does the program have a process for managing anticipated and unanticipated match closures?

For further information and more resources, visit View a detailed list of core standards