House Bill 1451

The Collaborative Management Program (CMP) is the voluntary development of multi-agency services provided to children and families by county departments of human / social services and other mandatory agencies including local judicial districts, including probation; the local health department, the local school district(s), each community mental health center and each Mental Health Assessment and Service Agency (BHO).

Collaborative Management Programs (CMP) use the input, expertise and active participation of parent or family advocacy organization to:

  • reduce duplication and eliminate fragmentation of services provided
  • increase the quality, appropriateness and effectiveness of services provided
  • encourage cost-sharing among service providers
  • lead to better outcomes and cost reduction for services provided to children and families in the child welfare system

Pueblo Interagency Oversight Group (PIOG Board)

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pueblo
Spanish Peaks Behavioral Health Center
10th Judicial District Court
Pueblo County Department of Social Services
Pueblo County CMP Coordinator: Michael Botello
Cross Roads’ Turning Points, Inc.
Pueblo City-County Health Department
Pueblo City Schools
Division of Youth Corrections
10th Judicial District Probation

Pueblo Mentoring Collaborative

The overall purpose of the Pueblo Mentoring Collaborative is to build on current resources and address gaps in mentoring by building a community-wide system for communication and engaging, supporting and sustaining quality mentoring for Pueblo youth, young adults and families. PMC was established in October of 2013 and is sponsored by House Bill 1451. PMC collaborates with MENTOR Colorado, our statewide mentoring resource and support organization.

Your Collaborative Coordinator

Tanya Simental