Volunteer Management Training Workshops

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Join mentoring agencies, nonprofits, and youth development staff from Pueblo and beyond to learn more about effective volunteer recruitment and management in this installment of our quarterly training series.

Developing a Successful Recruitment Work Plan
8:45 AM – 10:45 AM. Affiliate $20, Non-Affiliate $35

Recruitment staff often have to meet high needs in short periods of time. This workshop will help agency staff to understand how to set concrete and achievable goals for recruitment, identify recruitment sources, and develop realistic timelines and work plans to meet their goals.Participants will: 1) Understand the need for goal setting and how to create concrete, achievable goals for every step of the recruitment/intake process. 2) Identify the “best fit” mentors for their agency and recruitment sources for these mentors. 3) Begin to develop their own timelines and workplans to meet their current recruitment needs.

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Rock Retention: Support Your Volunteers & Keep Them
11 AM – 1 PM. Affiliate $20, Non-Affilaite $35

This training will address successful strategies to support and engage mentors for long-lasting, effective relationships. Key strategies include: training; staff support and relationship building; creating opportunities for structured engagement; and empowering mentors to support other mentors. Participants will: 1) Learn how to train mentors to set them up for success. 2) Learn approaches to building personal and lasting relationships with mentors. 3) Develop an understanding and brainstorm ideas for how to engage mentors beyond the requirements.

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Take Both Sessions: Affiliate: $20/session, both for $35 | Non-Affiliate: $35/session, both for $60

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